Montana PSC Opens Investigative Docket for T&D Efficiency

On July 13th, the Montana Public Service Commission (PSC) voted unanimously to open an investigative docket to examine the role of advanced conductors in helping reduce Transmission and Distribution (T&D) line losses, quickly add substantially more capacity to the grid by reconductoring on existing structures, and improve wildfire resilience by using the low-sag characteristics of the advanced conductors. “I want to thank my colleagues on the Commission in joining me in this action to examine how innovative technologies, like advanced conductors, can be used in Montana to benefit the electric consumer, the environment, and the grid”, Commissioner Pinocci stated following the Commission action. “With this investigative docket, we can gather information from utilities, advanced conductor providers, electric consumers, and other interested stakeholders to guide any policy actions we may consider for how we encourage deployment of advanced conductors in Montana and how we can quickly increase the capacity and efficiency of the Montana T&D system.” To learn more please read the full article in Energy Central

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