MPPTCL Completes 1st ACCC® Conductor Installation in the Geographic Heart of India

MPPTCL recently completed their 220 kV 6.4 kilometer double circuit Interconnector line between the 400 kV Itarasi substation and the 220 kV Itarasi substation in Madhya, Pradesh, India. MPPTCL selected Drake size ACCC Conductor manufactured by APAR Industries, Ltd. to double the capacity of the existing corridor without the need to modify or replace the existing steel lattice structures.

In addition to providing the ACCC Conductor, APAR also provided engineering and installation services. Span lengths were approximately 350 meters which included several 11, 33, 69 and 400 kV line crossings. Sicame provided hardware.

MPPTCL received the 2018 CBIP Award for Best Performing Power Transmission Utility in India and CTC Global is very proud to support their most recent success.

ACCC Conductor installations are now spread across 20 states in India representing more than 100 projects which serve to improve the efficiency, capacity, reliability and resilience of India’s electric power grid.

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