NARUC Policy Summit Update

CTC Global co-sponsored the NARUC Policy Summit in Washington DC February 13-16. David Townley, Director of Public Policy at CTC Global, participated as a panelist at an Electricity Committee Session on February 14th. The panel topic was “Turning Transmission Up to 11: Innovations to Maximize Transmission Line and their ROW.” Mr. Townley’s presentation focused on using Reconductoring with Advanced Conductors to maximize grid capacity and efficiency benefits that accelerate grid decarbonization. The presentation included actions that the State Regulatory Offices could take to incentivize and fund more reconductoring. A PDF of the presentation is available here. NARUC also posted a short clip from the session where another panelist, Rob Gramlich, was describing using Advanced Conductors and other measures to expand existing grid capacity and actions the utility Commissioners could take to better assure greater benefits for the consumer, the environment, as well as the grid. NARUC session clip is available here.

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