NASEO Annual Meeting

The National Association of State Energy Officials (NASEO) held its 2019 Annual Meeting in Manhattan Beach, California September 15 – 18. CTC Global sponsored and participated in the annual meeting that was titled: “Building a Clean Energy Economy for Everyone.”

On the afternoon of the 18th, CTC Global sponsored a tour of its composite core production facility in Irvine, California (about 45 minutes from the NASEO meeting facility). Attendees included staff from NASEO as well as from Department of Energy, Energy Efficiency Office (DOE-EE). The DOE-EE contributed funding to the Minnesota Electric Utility Infrastructure (EUI) efficiency policy process.

That policy, implemented earlier in 2019, directs utilities to include energy efficiency criteria in the design stage when T&D infrastructure investment is being considered, if they wish to get credit for efficiency investment under the Minnesota requirements. Other states are considering a similar T&D energy efficiency policy in order to capture reduced T&D system losses, the associated carbon reduction from reduced fossil fuel consumption, and reduced generation capacity requirements.

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