National Electric Power Company Selects ACCC® Conductor for Transmission Line Upgrades in Jordan

With the support of Energoprojekt ENTEL, ARCC Arabian Romanian Electromechanical and Transrail Lighting Ltd, the National Electric Power Company of Jordan began a series of reconductor projects to increase the efficiency, capacity and reliability of their 132 kV system. Thus far, three out of ~ten projects have been completed with 546.4 mm2 Hamburg size ACCC Conductor supplied by Midal Cable which replaced the existing AAAC conductor. Hardware for the project was supplied by Preformed Line Products (PLP).

NEPCO operates the bulk power network in Jordan, which is composed principally of 400 and 132 kV circuits. The transmission system is structured on the north-south axis of Jordan. It is essentially a radial system with no looping except for a small ring around the main load center of Amman. There are approximately 3,200 circuit kilometers of transmission lines currently operated at 132 kV, which represents about 77% of the total network. Additionally, there are over 900 circuit kilometers of 400 kV transmission lines. NEPCO also operates the main substations to provide services to the various distribution networks, which have an aggregate capacity of about 10,303 MVA.

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