National Grid Corporation Completes ACCC® Conductor Upgrade in Vietnam

Earlier this month, National Grid Corporation (NGC) Vietnam completed their 110 kV Viet Tri – Bai Bang line upgrade (ACCC Conductor Upgrade) to increase line capacity. NGC selected 725 kcmil (367.4 mm^2) Amsterdam size ACCC Conductor to replace existing 240/32 ACSR conductor so they could reuse their existing steel lattice structures without modification. The project included two segments including a 110 kV single circuit section of approximately 7.4 kilometers as well as a shorter 0.8 kilometer 110 kV double circuit section.

The average span was 300 meters, with the longest span at 537 meters, that traversed several rice paddies and villages.

NGC’s ACCC Reconductor project was supported with the help of EPC firms Truong Son and TIC. The ACCC Conductor was supplied by CTC Global’s manufacturing partner KMI and ACCC Hardware was provided by PLP Belos. Contractors used a 30 kN Tensioner and 50 kN Puller manufactured in China, 810 mm nylon lined sheave wheels and Tesmec Grips. VTD’s Mr. Tiep and Mr. Lam were on site to assist.

Việt Trì is the capital city of the Phú Thọ Province in the north-east region of Vietnam and is known for its agricultural and industrial strengths. Bãi Bằng is an industrial area northwest of Hanoi and home to the largest paper mill in Vietnam.

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