National Grid Russia (FSK) Installs ACCC® Conductor to Serve as Overhead Protective Ground Wire (OPGW)

In an industry first, FSK used the high strength, high capacity and durable attributes of the ACCC Conductor to serve as Overhead Protective Ground Wire on their 500 kV Iriklinskaya – Gazovaya and 220 kV Risaevo – Novotroitskaya transmission lines. The project was completed between August 5th and August 18th in the Orenburg Region near the town of Mednogorsk. FSK selected ACCC Helsinki size conductor to complete the 11.5 kilometer upgrade.

FSK chose ACCC Conductor for use as OPGW as they have developed a way to integrate OPGW into their ice load melting system. This was a pilot project, which could potentially be deployed elsewhere on FSK’s grid. FSK was very pleased with the ease in which the ACCC Conductor was installed. Lamifil Russia provided the ACCC Conductor and PLP Belos provided ACCC Hardware.

To successfully melt ice on the FSK transmission lines, they are heated from 100 to 130 degrees C.

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