One Billion Metric Tons of CO2 Equivalents Per Year Attributed to T&D Losses

One Billion Metric Tons of CO2 Equivalents Per Year Attributed to T&D Losses – But the ACCC® Conductor is helping drive this number down!

Based on the findings of Drs Jordaan and Surana from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, Washington, DC and the Center for Global Sustainability, School of Public Policy, University of Maryland College Park, respectively, T&D line losses – both technical and commercial – are responsible for the production of over one billion metric tons of CO2 equivalents per year.

Their paper: “The climate mitigation opportunity behind global power transmission and distribution,” published in Nature Research – Climate Change – Springer Nature Limited 2019, pointed out that Electric Power Generation is the largest contributor to global GHG emissions, and mitigation efforts typically focus on improving generation efficiency and/or reducing demand AND NOT on improving the efficiency of the grid itself.

While CTC Global has been bring this fact to the attention of the T&D community, and touting the ACCC Conductor’s ability to reduce line losses by 25 to 40 percent or more, international efforts are now being made to follow the guidance offered in this important paper.

The Asian Development Bank, World Bank and others have begun providing financial assistance not only to support economic development, but also as a means of achieving emission reduction initiatives. THIS IS GOOD NEWS and very timely.

Here in the United States, CTC Global is hopeful that FERC will also recognize the important correlation between energy and climate change and support the use of energy efficient technologies such as the ACCC Conductor in their upcoming policy revision.

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