Pakistan Cables completes the first ACCC® Conductor Installation in Pakistan

Anticipating the need of efficient technology in Pakistan’s ailing Transmission & Distribution System, Pakistan Cables has introduced ACCC conductor, the most reputable technology in the High Temperature Low Sag (HTLS) category, in collaboration with CTC Global.

The first pilot project has been successfully completed in the National Transmission & Despatch Company (NTDC) system where the capacity of the 220 kV Double Circuit Transmission Line from Gatti Substation to Nishatabad Substation has been doubled by replacing the existing conventional ACSR conductor with ACCC conductor of same diameter, lesser weight and superior tensile strength.

The Transmission Line which was identified as a System Constraint by the NTDC is now capable of carrying twice as much current after re-conductoring with ACCC Drake without making any alterations in existing structures and towers using the same Right-of-Way (ROW) within 100 Days, which is less than half the time required for construction of twin bundled line on the same 2.5 KM span.

The project was completed as a turnkey project by Pakistan Cables with the technical and design support of CTC Global. The installation was performed by local contractor NETRACON Technologies (Pvt.) Limited under supervision and training of a CTC Global Certified Master Installer.

The successful implementation and operation of this first HTLS re-conductoring Pilot Project in Pakistan, will pave way for an efficient, quick and cost effective solution for the congestion issues confronted by the Transmission & Distribution System of Pakistan as a result of increasing load demand backed by new supply options.

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