Pakistan Cables Ltd. Now Qualified to Produce ACCC® Conductor in Pakistan

Pakistan Cables Limited has successfully passed CTC Global’s arduous qualification testing and audit procedures which officially allows Pakistan Cables Ltd. to produce ACCC® Conductor for the Pakistan market.

In 2018, CTC Global and Pakistan Cables Limited announced their partnership to produce, distribute, market and sell ACCC electrical conductors in Pakistan. Pakistan Cables Limited is the country’s first and leading manufacturer of wires, cables, overhead conductors, copper rod, PVC compound and aluminum profiles in Pakistan.

CTC Global will provide Pakistan Cables Limited with CTC Global’s patented carbon fiber ACCC composite core. Pakistan Cables will manufacture and deliver ACCC conductors in a range of sizes tailored to meet the needs of Pakistan’s electric transmission and distribution utilities.

J.D. Sitton, CTC Global’s Chief Executive Officer stated: “Pakistan Cables is a recognized leader in high-quality overhead conductors and CTC Global is very pleased to partner with them to deliver high performance ACCC Conductors to their customers in Pakistan.” Mr. Fahd K. Chinoy, Deputy Chief Executive at Pakistan Cables, added: “We are extremely proud that all of our hard work and efforts to produce this revolutionary technology in Pakistan for the first time have been successful. Pakistan Cables is working closely with Pakistan’s transmission and distribution companies to take advantage of this high-performance solution.”

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