PLN Completes Quad-Bundled 500 kV ACCC® Conductor Installation in Indonesia

The first circuit of the Balaraja – Lengkong – Gandul line in West Jakarta was successfully completed and energized late last month. We are excited to announce that PLN has Completed Quad-Bundled 500 kV ACCC® Conductor Installation in Indonesia.

KMI provided nearly 600 kilometers of ACCC® conductor for the quad bundled 49 km reconductor project. PLN selected Amsterdam size ACCC Conductor to increase the capacity of the existing 500 kV line consisting of delta style steel lattice structures with spans of ~480 meters. PLN selected contractors P.T. Tinakana and P.T. Indokarya.

Training was delivered by Ari Maghfur Dimyati of PT Dinamika Elektra Mandiri, in January, assisted by Pak Supriadi of KMI. Installation supervision was provided by PLN, New PT Dinamika Elektra Mandiri with ACCC Master installers Angga Zuliyanto, Yaniar Nur Ihsan Pratama, and Ibrahim Fatwa Wijaya, assisted by 3 additional supervisors from KMI. Hardware for the project was provided by Dervaux (Sicame Indonesia) and Mosdorfer. Tesmec equipment was used for the installation. CTC Global’s Master Installer, Mark Eglinton stated that “The crews working on this project did an outstanding and very professional job.”

The Lengkong Incomer was installed under a separate contract to the Balaraja – Lengkong – Gandul line, with PT Multifab being selected by PLN as the principal contractor. The 17 km of ACCC Amsterdam conductor for this section was supplied by Kamesa, and all fittings were supplied by Dervaux (Sicame Indonesia).

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