PLN Starts Second 500 kV ACCC® Conductor Upgrade

Following the success of the first 500 kV Suralaya -Balaraja ACCC conductor installation, PLN has started their second 500kV ACCC reconductor project known as the Balaraja – Lengkong – Gandul line in West Jakarta. Stringing of the first circuit will be completed in March, 2019.

KMI provided nearly 600 kilometers of ACCC® conductor for the quad bundled 49 km reconductor project (1st circuit). PLN selected Amsterdam size ACCC to increase the capacity of the existing 500 kV line consisting of delta style steel lattice structures with spans of ~480 meters. PLN selected contractors P.T. Tinakana and P.T. Indokarya.

The installation has been broken down into 7 sections and is currently being strung using 4 installation crews. Roads and buildings are being protected by scaffold type structures erected by the installation contractors.

While this is only PLN’s second 500 kV ACCC conductor installation, PLN has already completed over 80 ACCC conductor installations at 70 and 150 kV.

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