PLN Team Visits CTC Global’s Headquarters

Earlier this month, CTC Global was delighted to host a number of team members from PLN for a wide range of training sessions, discussions and demonstrations. Topics covered CTC Global’s quality management system (QMS) and QMS procedures; Training on execution of ASTM B987 required tests; Training in ACCC InfoCore® Inspections; Lab equipment operations; and QA sample preparation.

CTC Staff members included CTC Global’s Senior Engineer; Director of QA; VP Field & Technical Services; Director Application Engineering and Conductor Research; Director of Global Manufacturing; Production Manager; and Machine Shop Supervisor along with many other staff members.

Upon completion of the training classes, PLN participants were awarded certifications by CTC Global’s CEO, Mr. J.D. Sitton and Mr. Kevin Corbalis, VP Engineering and Product Development, concluding a very productive week. The PLN team was escorted by Mr. Wan Aleemi Wan Zaini, CTC Global Sales Engineer, and Mr. Nengah Suasterama CTC Global’s Agent from Dinamika.

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