Power Grid Company of Bangladesh Completes 132 kV ACCC® Reconductor Project

Power Grid Company of Bangladesh (PGCB) completed their 132 kV Saidpur to Purbasaidpur transmission line upgrade using 309.7 mm^2 ACCC Hawk size conductor manufactured by Apar Industries to upgrade 150 kilometers of AAAC Hawk conductor first installed in 1996. The 25 kilometer double circuit line was upgraded with ACCC Conductor to increase line capacity, reduce line losses and improve reliability.

Existing steel lattice structures were used without modification. In addition to highway and railway crossings, the project also included a river crossing. The project was supported by Fujan Electric Power Engineering Company Ltd and Shoel Construction. Hardware for the project was provided by Dervaux. CTC Global’s Regional Service Manager, Mr. Samudi Sampangi and ACCC Master Installer from TEEMS India, Mr. Vengadesh Kumar provided installation training and support.

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