Raise the Performance Bar with CTC Global’s Extensively Proven ACCC® Conductors

Is it the performance of your conductor that is keeping you worried? Are looking for some better solutions to raise the performance bar? If yes, then ACCC Conductor is for you. CTC Global is happy to announce that ACCC Conductor has been successfully deployed in over 45 countries and nearly 500 different projects! Reliably efficient, our ACCC Conductor is fulfilling demands of customers from all around the world and we are successfully delivering power to millions of commercial, residential, and industrial customers.

When it comes to increasing the overall performance of the grid, ACCC Conductor has shown to meet all the expectations of the customers. Below are the few points that describe why CTC Global’s ACCC conductor is chosen above any other conductors available in the market –

  1. Increases the capacity of existing line
  2. Reduces the upfront capital cost of new line
  3. Helps in increasing grid reliability
  4. Reduces the carbon footprint
  5. Improves the overall grid performance

How Robust is ACCC Conductor hybrid core?

The ACCC Hybrid carbon core is stronger than any other conventional conductors. These comprise of high-strength carbon and glass fibers that are fixed in a toughened thermoset epoxy resin matrix. One of many advantages of ACCC conductor’s hybrid carbon fiber core is that it offers double the strength of conventional steel reinforced conductors at a fraction of the weight.

The ACCC Composite core is comparatively very less in weight and have a lesser coefficient of thermal expansion. These unique properties of composite core, allows the ACCC Conductor to carry up to two times the current when compared to conventional conductors. At the same time, these exhibits 25% to 40% lower line losses even in the adverse conditions. The reduced line loses, in turn, helps in reducing the overall fuel consumptions and related emissions. Adding to the advantages of reduced line losses, it also supports in freeing up the generation capacity that in most of the cases goes wasted.

ACCC Conductors to Minimize line losses – What are the advantages?

Undoubtedly, the use ACCC Conductor is one of the best solutions to minimize line losses. The minimization of line losses comes with several more advantages that clearly indicates that ACCC Conductor is exactly what you are looking for! Here is the list of a few advantages of minimized line losses –

  1. Minimizes the fuel consumption
  2. Minimizes the total cost of delivered power
  3. Helps in conserving the already available resources
  4. Helps in conserving hydro resources, that can be very helpful in drought conditions.
  5. Comes with other financial benefits

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