Reconductoring with ACCC® Conductor Offers Major Benefits

Did you know that by using ACCC® Conductor a utility can increase the power and the efficiency of a power line by replacing the wires on the existing towers?

This is usually not a choice when using traditional ACSR conductors.  A larger traditional conductor is often too heavy for the existing structures. But an ACCC Conductor with the same diameter and weight as the “old” wire can be installed on the existing structures to provide increased capacity while significantly reducing power line losses. This saves time and money by not having to rebuild the structures.

Capacity constraints often force the upgrade. ACCC Conductor delivers increased capacity and delivers reduced line losses with huge benefits for both the electric consumer and the grid. When electricity moves from the power generators to the electric consumers, some electricity is wasted as heat.  The lower resistance of ACCC Conductor means less electricity is wasted.  In turn, a power plant does not have to burn fuel and use up water only to make electricity that is wasted. Lower air and water emissions result. More generating capacity is available for future use. The availability of affordable and reliable electricity is vital for a healthy economy. CTC Global is pleased to offer ACCC Conductor as part of the solution.

Did you know that hundreds of old power line wires don’t have enough capacity to carry all the electricity we need – especially from clean energy resources?

But, CTC Global is happy to report that our new high-capacity, energy-efficient ACCC Conductor does!

In fact, the ACCC Conductor can carry twice the power of old powerline wires – without the need to replace or modify existing towers, structures or poles. This makes swapping out the old wire for the new wire quick, easy, efficient and affordable.

The new ACCC Conductor not only can help deliver more clean energy to meet growing demand, it can also help reduce electric power transmission line losses. This in turn, helps reduce fuel consumption, associated greenhouse gas emissions and water consumed by thermal power plants. It’s a real win-win for energy consumers and the environment.

Just thought you would like to know.

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