Single-Strand vs. Multi-Strand Comparison

CTC Global is pleased to see other manufacturers acknowledge the value of carbon fiber composites in bare overhead conductor designs. The electric transmission industry represents one of the world’s most conservative, technically-discerning customer groups. Novel designs come and go and track records matter. CTC is committed to understanding the attributes and considerations of new designs and to doing its part to ensure that conductor innovation, safety and reliability go hand-in-hand.

Recently, I was asked by a long-time CTC customer to compare CTC’s single-strand core design with the claims made by makers of multi-strand core designs and to share the concerns CTC has been hearing from other customers about the multi-strand design. This is what I shared:


Single-strand-vs-multi-strand-comparison table 1000x1577px1



CTC Global has worked hard to establish the trust and confidence of electric transmission utilities and private asset owners world-wide.  I welcome an informed dialog on innovative core and conductor designs so please let me know what you think! Thanks, Dave Bryant, Director Technology, CTC Global. [email protected]


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