Sterlite Power Completes 400 kV ACCC® Ganga River Crossing

Sterlite Power Grid Ventures used 291.1 mm^2 ACCC® ULS Ganga size conductor (in quad bundle configuration) on a new 400 kV double circuit line to span a 1,090 meter wide Ganga River crossing in Biharsrif, Lakhisdarai, India which enabled the North Eastern and Eastern Grids to connect with the National Grid.

The ACCC Ganga size conductor used CTC Global’s 10.54 mm ULS core that offers greater strength, lighter weight and reduced sag to help reduce structural costs and circumvent the need to place an additional structure in the center of the river. The ACCC ULS Ganga Conductor was mounted on 80 and 95 meter structures. Sterlite manufactured the ACCC Conductor and Tag Corporation provided the ACCC Hardware.

Please watch Sterlite Power’s Impressive Video

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