Taiwan Power Company Deploys ACCC® Conductor

After an extensive technical review, Taiwan Power Company began their Zhonggang to Zhangyi ACCC® Reconductor Project. Taipower selected 367.4 mm2 Amsterdam size ACCC Conductor to increase line capacity and mitigate thermal conductor sag on this double bundled, double circuit 161 kV transmission line. The line’s added capacity will help Taipower deliver cleaner and more reliable sources of electric energy to a portion of the nearly 23 million people they serve in Taiwan.

Taipower’s first ACCC Reconductor project, being performed by Baocheng Construction (and supported by CTC Global’s local agent GNP and ACCC Master Installers), will use over 170 kilometers of ACCC Conductor supplied by Taihan Electric Wire. Two additional ACCC Reconductor projects are also slated to begin in early 2021.

For decades, Taipower has provided electricity to support both the public’s quality of life and the island’s economic development.

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