Taiwan Power Company Upgrades 161 kV Transmission Line With ACCC® Conductor

Supported by Taihan Korea Engineering and Baucheng Construction, Taiwan Power Company completed their double circuit, double bundled 161 kV Zhonggang – Zhangyi transmission line upgrade in Taichung, Taiwan. TPC selected Amsterdam size ACCC® Conductor to replace 795 kcmil ACSR/AW to increase line capacity and improve efficiency and reliability. This 12 km transmission line used 150 total km of ACCC® Conductor Conductor. Existing steel lattice structures were used without modification. The average span length was ~350 meters with a maximum span of 590 meters, which included a river crossing.

ACCC® Conductor Conductor for the project was supplied by Taihan, Korea, with support from GNP International Ltd in Taiwan. ACCC Hardware was supplied by PLP China and PLP Poland. Crews used Tesmec tensioners, pullers and grips. Duratrans SEA Sdn. Bhd, Malaysia and PT. Dinamika Elektra Mandiri, Indonesia, provided installation support. Special thanks to ACCC Master Installers Shariffuddin, Zulkifli, and Saeful.

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