TenneT Netherlands Selects ACCC® Conductor for 380 kV Network Upgrade

Netherlands grid operator TenneT has chosen CTC Global’s ACCC Conductor technology for the first in a series of projects under the “Beter Benutten Bestaande 380 kV network” framework, upgrading parts of the national 380 kV network. This is the first of a series of upgrade projects to be delivered between 2019 and 2024, intended to cope with increased capacity and variable renewable energy sources on the network.

This first project with a line length of 20 km runs between Lelystad and Ens. The triple-bundle line upgrade effectively increases transmission from 2,500 amps to 4,000 amps; total conductor length exceeds 400 km. The ACCC conductor’s extremely low coefficient of thermal expansion across its operational range ensures minimal work on, and no elevation of, the existing structures, yielding greatly increased capacity at the lowest overall project cost. The “Z” profile conductor, being produced by Lamifil in Belgium, is intended to further reduce conductor drag coefficient in the flat area which includes a lake crossing, with potentially high wind loadings.

During dialogue with TenneT, it became clear to CTC Global that the project would require ACCC conductor at very short notice to cater for the short outage and project window. CTC Global used TenneT’s drum schedule at an early stage and is pro-actively ensuring that sufficient stocks of core of the appropriate length are available to TenneT’s chosen conductor manufacturer.

Aside from physical supplies, CTC Global has committed to reviewing the line with TenneT’s chosen installation contractor, as well as the provision of extensive on-site support throughout the duration of the project, which is slated to begin in August 2019. To date, more than 200 Electric Utilities have selected high-capacity, energy-efficient ACCC Conductor for more than 700 projects in over 50 countries. For more information, please visit www.ctcglobal.com

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