U.S. House of Representatives Energy, Climate, and Grid Security Subcommittee Holds Hearing

“Oversight of FERC: Adhering to a Mission of Affordable and Reliable Energy for America”

During the June 13th hearing Representative Kuster (D-NH) (at 1:56:36 of the hearing webcast) discussed the implementation of alternative transmission technologies, particularly Advanced Conductors. Directing her questions directed to FERC Chairman Willie Phillips, she inquired whether this technology could increase capacity and improve reliability and how transmission operators and utilities should be encouraged to use Advanced Conductors. Chairman Phillips responded by agreeing with the need for the implementation of this technology at every phase of the industry to see substantive change.

Rep. Kuster also asked the question on what FERC can do to encourage ISO’s and utilities to use Advanced Conductors. FERC Chair Phillips responded favorably noting the open FERC NOPR’s and said that we “must take advantage of Advanced Conductors and other Grid Enhancing Technologies (GET’s) to meet our grid objectives.”

Directing his questions at Commissioner Clements, Representative Peters (D-CA) (1:12:59) highlighted the importance of transmission to increase grid reliability and expressed his hope for bipartisan transmission legislation. Peters referenced the Big Wires legislation he’s working with Senator Hickenlooper for a minimum transfer requirement as a backstop that would cut consumer costs. His comments were supported by Commissioner Clements.

Several other important topics were discussed that can be found at the Hearing Webcast Link: https://youtu.be/BZu41UWWwrI

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