EPRI Successfully Completes 1,500 Thermo-Mechanical Cycle Test of ACCC® Conductor and Hardware

For those of you that are interested, but didn’t see this sooner, EPRI completed their 1,500 thermo-mechanical cycle test of CTC Global’s ACCC® Conductor along with Burndy and AFL dead-ends and splices in early 2017. The test protocol, designed to represent 30+ years of service, was completed successfully at 180 degrees C. Each cycle lasted for approximately 5 hours.

In collaboration with CTC Global, EPRI was able to utilize improved controls to complete the test successfully. The physical condition of the conductor and connectors did not change significantly from when they were initially installed in EPRI’s test fixture. There was no loosening of the aluminum strands, nor was there any slippage of the ACCC® Conductor in the connectors during the months of testing.

Upon completion of the 1,500 cycles the connectors and conductor were shipped back to CTC Global where each component was subsequently pulled to failure on CTC Global’s load frame while witnessed by EPRI staff. All of the conductor, splices and dead-ends pulled to over 100% of their 41,000 pound rated strength. LINK TO TEST REPORT

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