Minister of Electricity Inaugurates Power Transmission Line Using High-Efficiency ACCC® Conductor, a first in Iraq

The Minister of Electricity, Ziad Ali Fadel, inaugurates 132 kV power transmission line

On March 7th, The Minister of Electricity, Engineer Ziad Ali Fadel, inaugurated the power transmission line (Alexandria-Babil Broadcasting 132 kV) after a comprehensive rehabilitation of the line in preparation for high load peaks during the upcoming summer season. An event was held for the occasion, attended by the Governor of Babil, Mr. Adnan Faihan, and the ministry’s general directors.


In his opening speech, the Minister revealed details of the new project, which will span 18 kilometers and pass through 63 towers, highlighting the replacement of the ACSR Lark Conductor with CTC Global’s ACCC® Conductor, which will increase the amount of energy transmitted through the line from 840 amps to 2,191 amps, effectively doubling the amount of energy transmitted while reducing line losses by 35%.


The Minister emphasized that these projects, resulting from cooperation between the ministry and the Iraqi private sector, will enhance the capabilities of transmission networks, positively impacting the number of hours of power supply to citizens during the upcoming summer.


“The operation of the station will contribute to improving the efficiency of the network and will lead to the removal of bottlenecks in the areas of Shamiya district, Salhiya district, residential areas, and development projects in the region”– Engineer Ziad Ali Fadel, Minister of Electricity


The Minister commended the efforts made to complete the project from planning and execution to achievement, reaffirming the ministry’s commitment to implementing its new and rehabilitative projects in the production, transmission, and distribution sectors, with continuous support and sponsorship from Prime Minister Mohammed Shia’ Al-Sudani and the cooperation from other ministries.

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