TenneT Netherlands Selects ACCC AZR® Conductor for Reconductor Project in the Netherlands

Several months ago, CTC Global introduced the ACCC AZR™ Conductor which uses an aluminum zirconium alloy to augment overall conductor strength and modulus to help fight extreme ice and wind loads. TenneT Netherlands selected ACCC AZR™ for the new product’s initial deployment in Europe, for their reconductor project in the Netherlands..

The Delesto combined heat and power plant and the Eneco bio-energy plant are located in Delfzijl, Netherlands. These power stations are connected to the Delfzijl Weiwerd high-voltage substation and from this high-voltage substation, 110 and 220 kV connections transport and distribute the power, which include the Groningen Hunze high-voltage substation. This connection is important for the energy supply of the city of Groningen, as the region is generating more and more sustainable electricity.

In order to be able to continue to supply and distribute these and other planned new energy sources, TenneT Netherlands is reinforcing the 110 kV connection between Groningen Hunze and Delfzijl Weiwerd.

TenneT faced a particular challenge when upgrading the double circuit line between Groningen and Delfzijl. The total route length of 28.2 km over flat terrain covering 89 towers is subject to high wind and potentially extreme ice loads. TenneT selected ACCC Warsaw size ACCC AZR Conductor manufactured by Midal Cables which satisfied their capacity increase requirements from 760 amps to 1323 amps. An additional 2.1 km spur line tying in the Stadskanal substation also upgraded from 500 amps to 777 amps at the same time.

“This design adds significant capability and cost-effectiveness to CTC Global’s proven ULS (Ultra-Low-Sag) core variants already deployed in Northern Europe, particularly for areas where high wind and ice loads can be expected” stated Dr. Eric Bosze, CTC Global’s Director of Conductor Materials Research.

Full details on the TenneT project can be found HERE

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