ACCC InfoCore® System – Confidence Verified

Experienced utilities know that in spite of the best planning and project implementation, problems do occur from time to time. As it relates to conductor installation, conductors can bind due to reel holder alignment or brake control problems, sheave wheel or sock failures, or other handling mishaps that can potentially damage any type of conductor.

To help make sure their ACCC® Installation was completed without issues – seen or unseen – CTC Global developed and commercialized the ACCC InfoCore™ System. The System uses optical fibers embedded in the ACCC® Conductor’s composite core that allow proprietary light signals to verify that the composite core is free of any damage.

The ACCC InfoCore™ System uses a transmitter, receiver, control pad, and other devices used to prepare the conductor for verification. All required components are contained in a durable light-weight case that can be deployed to any jobsite. Linemen can be trained in under thirty minutes and the procedure performed in half that time. For more information, please email [email protected]

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