ACCC InfoCore™ System Deployment For Elia

CTC Global’s ACCC InfoCore™ System is now being serially deployed on major transmission projects in Europe. Most recently on a substantial Elia project, which forms a crucial part of the European 380 kV backbone energy transition.

The 92km route-length line is located in the provinces of Antwerp and Limburg. Starting at the Massenhoven high-voltage substation (in Zandhoven), the line runs along the Albertkanaal to the Heze (in Geel) and Meerhout high-voltage substations, and then on to the Van Eyck high-voltage substation (in Kinrooi) near to the Dutch and German borders. The original towers from the 1980s are a hybrid low-profile design and will include substation improvements to cater for the second circuit. The full project runs on to 2023.

Prior to field deployment, all ACCC InfoCore™ Conductor reels and finished conductor drums manufactured by Lamifil were subjected to InfoCore™ Confirmations at every step in the production and delivery stages to site, including on the drum-stand immediately before installation. During installation, all conductor reels, including splice lengths, are verified by CTC Global on-site personnel and the resulting data stored for access by Elia.

“The ACCC InfoCore™ System is the culmination of many years’ sustained development by the CTC Global team. This involved not only in embedding the detection devices, but also the necessary hardware/software development and total systems approach to deliver rapid and meaningful results to the Utility” stated Peter Hughes, CTC’s VP Europe. “This real-time Confirmation system provides the Utility with the peace-of-mind that the conductor has been correctly installed. It represents a massive leap-forward in the wider adoption of high-performance composite-based conductors in Europe and we are delighted to witness its increasing consideration as an integral part of Utilities’ plans and projects.”

“We are satisfied with the recent results of this system, which has been the subject of substantial focus by Elia,” advised Jean-François Goffinet of Elia Engineering.

The ACCC InfoCore™ System is being deployed on two further large projects in Europe during 2021 and has been used in a total of ten projects by six Utilities, worldwide.

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