Award-Winning Excellence: CTC Global’s Journey in Revolutionizing Power Grid Solutions

Award-Winning Excellence: CTC Global's Journey in Revolutionizing Power Grid Solutions

Since winning the Platts Energy Award for ‘Most Promising New Technology’ in 2002, CTC Global, its more than 500 employees, 35 Authorized Manufacturing Partners and more than 250 Utility and Industrial Customers have earned dozens of accolades and awards presented by entities ranging from the Edison Electric Institute to the Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering (SAMPE), to the Irvine Chamber of Commerce. These accolades underscore the outstanding efforts by all parties to dedicate substantial resources and time to elevate technology and its intrinsic knowledge to build a more efficient and robust power grid.

Examples include SSEN’s Utility Week Capital Project of the Year Award in 2020 for doubling the capacity of their Fort Augustus to Fort William transmission line using ACCC® Conductor to support their local economy and integrate more renewable energy; American Electric Power’s EEI Award in 2016 for completing the world’s largest energized ACCC® Reconductoring project, and many others.

Of greatest significance is the fact that – with impressive collaboration by all parties – CTC Global and its authorized manufacturing partners have been awarded contracts to deliver over 150,000 kilometers of ACCC® Conductor to support more than 1,100 projects in 65 countries. All in, these efforts and accolades underscore the impressive work CTC Global and its partners and friends have completed to improve the living conditions and economy for tens of millions of people around the world.


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