BSPTCL Completes 22 ACCC® Reconductor Projects in a “World Record” 7.5 Months

With heroic leadership from ACCC® Conductor supplier and EPC firm Apar Industries, Bihar State Power Transmission Company Ltd. (BSPTCL) completed an incredible 22 ACCC® Conductor installations in a record 7.5 months, ~20 days ahead of a tight schedule.

With the clock starting on the project award date of August 2, 2022, and a completion deadline of March 31, 2023 – Apar assembled and managed nearly 1,200 crew members spread over two dozen teams using an impressive amount of equipment, supplies, and resources.

Apar’s highly experienced crews and ACCC Master Installers installed more than 2,450 kilometers of ACCC® Conductor on BSPTCL’s 22 reconductoring projects. These projects included 20 major river crossings, 27 railway crossings, 48 major highway crossings and 1,597 crossings traversing other T&D lines ranging from 11 kV to 765 kV – all without incident or shutdowns – often during adverse weather conditions.

While BSPTCL selected Casablanca and Drake size ACCC® Conductor manufactured by Apar Industries with a portion ordered through Gupta Power – with ACCC® Core supplied quickly by CTC Global’s California and Indonesia production facilities – CTC Global also manufactured and shipped its stainless-steel internal hardware components for 12,000 ACCC® dead ends and splices supplied to Apar for these projects by the TAG corporation.

The 800-circuit kilometer 132 kV and 220 kV projects increased BSPTVL’s transmission capacity by nearly 3,000 MW.

CTC Global, Apar Industries and Gupta Power are very proud to support Bihar State Power Transmission Company and their “Quality of Power to All” initiative. Please be on the lookout for more information about this project in the near future.

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