CTC Global and ENICAB Announce ACCC® Conductor Manufacturing Partnership

CTC Global is pleased to announce a partnership with Algerian based company, ENICAB, to manufacture ACCC® Conductors to support the expansion, improved efficiency, and decarbonization of the electrical power grid in Algeria.

A ceremony was held where both parties signed the partnership agreement. U.S. Ambassador to Algeria, Elizabeth Aubin, presided over the signing ceremony and remarked: “We are happy that, through this agreement, a U.S. company will support not only the expansion of the electrical power grid, but also its decarbonization as envisaged by the government of Algeria.”

In addition to ENICAB’s participants, CTC Global had representatives Steve Jackman and Djamel Zerari in attendance. CTC Global’s Senior Vice President of Business Development, Steve Jackman stated, “ENICAB is a trusted and reliable partner in Africa, and its industry leadership in Algeria will ensure that the benefits of this technology will have the maximum reach possible. This partnership will also accelerate the growth strategy of ENICAB in the market of high efficiency and high-capacity conductors.” With the use of ACCC® Conductors, benefits include improved efficiency, capacity and reliability while helping reduce greenhouse gas emission and conserve Algeria’s precious water resources. The application ACCC® Conductors will accelerate the integration of renewable generation from solar and wind sources into the national power system.  This will ultimately enable Algeria to export excess electricity to the wider Mediterranean.

To view more information on the partnership ceremony, please visit the U.S. Embassy website.


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