CTC Global Continues to Lead Advanced Conductor Innovation – in the field

As the world’s leading developer of Advanced Conductor Technology, CTC Global strives every day to raise the performance bar and help its customers streamline installations. This begins at the design stage with engineering support and our well-known Conductor Comparison Software Program (CCP™), through procurement, customer service and field support.

Our most recent field innovation is a new device that is used to prevent loss of control of the conductor’s “tail” during hardware installation. If not properly controlled, the length of conductor that extends from the grip (used to tension the conductors before or after dead-ends and splices have been installed) can swing down and damage the conductor and potentially damage its core. The new device replaces short tie ropes and makes it easy and quick to ensure complete control and prevent damage.

CTC Global designed, tested and now supplies “TDZ” (Tail Drop Zero) to all of its customers. The device is a simple nylon sling of appropriate length, equipped with integrated short slings that take the place of individual tie ropes. Equipped with quick-release clips, the TDZ is easy to use and provides better assurance that the conductor is supported. It is “Day-Glo” orange and easy to see if it is being used properly from the ground. TDZ is equipped with an integrated carry bag for storage and transport between locations and jobs.

TDZ can be ordered using the Special Tools Order Form.

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