CTC Global Welcomes Our Newest ACCC® Conductor Manufacturing Partner: JSK Industries Pvt. Ltd.

CTC Global is pleased to announce its new partnership with JSK Industries Pvt. Ltd. In India. The new collaboration aims to bolster the production and distribution of ACCC® Conductors in India to support the continued modernization of India’s electric power grid. CTC Global will provide JSK Industries with CTC Global’s patented carbon fiber ACCC composite core in a range of sizes. JSK Industries will manufacture and deliver ACCC® Conductors tailored to meet the needs of India’s electric transmission and distribution utilities.

CTC Global’s Vice President of Commercial Operations, Anne McDowell stated: “JSK Industries is an innovative manufacturer of high-quality wire and cable products. Its team is very capable and enthusiastic, and they are focused on making a real difference in India. My colleagues and I are extremely excited to partner with them.” Kalpesh Shah, Director of JSK Industries added: “We are excited to collaborate with the world’s leading expert and supplier of composite cores for overhead conductors and look forward to growing the market for Advanced Conductors in India and help our Country meet its power delivery goals.”

The partnership between CTC Global and JSK Industries Pvt. Ltd. exemplifies a shared commitment to innovation, sustainable growth, and technological advancement in the power sector. By combining CTC Global’s expertise in composite core technology with JSK Industries Pvt. Ltd.’s manufacturing excellence, the collaboration aims to make significant strides in improving the efficiency and reliability of power transmission systems in India and beyond.

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