ELIA Deploys ACCC InfoCore® System

An Elia reconductoring project, with an unusual number of dead-ends for such a line, has proved a perfect opportunity for the use of CTC Global’s new ACCC InfoCore™ System to verify conductor integrity.

The Project

To support the development of a new data center near Mons, Belgium, Elia completed a transmission line upgrade. As part of this, the existing twin-circuit 150 kV line required upgrading and rerouting. This included the removal of one tower and the installation of two new towers to take the line around the site, back onto an existing pathway and into a substation.

To increase transmission capacity, Elia chose Glasgow size ACCC® Conductor, replacing the original AMS 153, thus increasing capacity by 130 MVA. From an early stage, Elia, together with CTC Global and its manufacturing partner Lamifil, coordinated the implementation of CTC Global’s InfoCore™ System throughout the manufacturing, delivery and installation process.

“As we had to be able to recommission the line every night after reconductoring work, there was no room for delay,” advised Joachim Verstraeten, Elia’s Project Leader. “The rigging crew quickly learned how to prepare the conductor for the application of this technology and we have been very reassured by the daily reports we have been receiving on conductor integrity.”

The Result

In addition to the on-site inspection of the 7 delivery drums after arrival, a total of 17 confirmations had been undertaken by mid-March 2020, all of which recorded a pass. “CTC Global’s established procedures   were followed on-site with a good outcome until operations were temporarily suspended by COVID-19,” stated Eric Johnson, CTC Global’s Vice President Field Services. “The inspection results have been stored in the project database, as they will be for all such future projects.”

“The ACCC InfoCore™ System is already making a significant contribution towards future ACCC Conductor installation assurance for our European clients,” added Peter Hughes, CTC Global’s VP Europe. “This routine procedure, pioneered by CTC Global, is being extensively deployed in Europe in the coming months and we look forward to engaging with our client base about its wider application.”

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