NorthWestern Energy Installs ACCC® Conductor in Montana

For more than 100 years, NorthWestern Energy has been committed to delivering safe, reliable, and innovative energy solutions. Last month, supported by the local construction firm Potelco Power, NorthWestern implemented two parallel ACCC® Reconductoring jobs on their 100 kV Great Falls Project in Black Eagle, Montana. The capacity of the 23-kilometer lines is being doubled without the need to modify or replace any of the existing steel monopoles or H-frame structures. The project includes roadway, railway and a 1,700 foot span crossing over the Missouri River. Lamifil provided 138 km of Drake size ACCC® Conductor and PLP provided ACCC® Hardware. ACCC® Master installers James Atwood and Rickey Hayes were on hand to provide training and support.

The project was expedited and supported by the new Montana Law that encourages the use of highly efficient Advanced Conductors that deliver more power with improved efficiency and reliability. More about the new Montana Efficiency Law can be found HERE.

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