Why CTC Global’s ACCC® Conductor is the Most Widely Deployed Advanced Conductor on the Planet

The need for higher-capacity conductors has been apparent for many years. While securing new right-of-ways for new lines has always been challenging – and in many cases nearly impossible – load growth, a changing mix of generation assets and reliability concerns are not new challenges.

In the 1970’s, 1980’s and 1990’s several conductor manufacturers introduced higher capacity conductors such as ACSS, Invar and GAP that were capable of operating at higher temperatures than conventional all aluminum and steel reinforced AAC, AAAC, and ACSR conductors. These new designs were classified as High-Temperature, Low-Sag “HTLS” conductors.

In the early 2000’s CTC Global introduced the ACCC® Conductor that replaced steel core strands with a hybrid carbon and glass fiber core. This new composite core offered greater strength, lighter weight and a lower coefficient of thermal expansion compared to any other conductor on the market – including a metal matrix concept introduced around the same time.

The attributes the new ACCC® Conductor offered were far superior to any conductor technology developed before – or since. Here’s why:

1.    In addition to the carbon fiber core, the ACCC® Conductor design uses an integrated outer layer of glass fibers to improve flexibility and toughness, and also serve as a galvanic barrier to prevent corrosion between the carbon fibers and conductive aluminum strands.

2.    ACCC® Hardware design is a key to installation success and longevity. CTC Global developed a collet design that grips the composite core without creating axial stress that can sever or crush a composite core – especially ones that uses a group of smaller diameter pieces that are much more fragile and offer far less protection from impact and galvanic corrosion.

3.    ACCC® Conductor offers superior longevity. Tested in labs and proven in the field, ACCC® Conductors have been designed to withstand environmental stressors and performance demands for decades.

If you are looking for a conductor that will meet your performance criteria today – and meet the demands of tomorrow – look no further. The ACCC® Conductor is the best of the best and backed by CTC Global and its authorized manufacturing partners worldwide. For more information, please email [email protected]

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