ACCC® Conductor Update – 52 Active Installations!

ACCC® Conductor installations occur everyday all around the world. In fact, there are currently 52 ACCC® Conductor installations taking place in 16 countries, such as the Netherlands, US, India, South Korea, Bangladesh, Argentina, Qatar, and more. These projects include reconductoring and new line projects, running through rural areas and major cities. There are also 61 upcoming ACCC® Conductor installations scheduled in 17 countries, with more being added to the list each month.

Since ACCC® Conductor was first commercialized in 2005, there has been over 100,000 km installed across more than 1,000 projects. You might be asking yourself how we’ve been able to produce so much conductor for all our projects. With so much demand for ACCC® Conductors, CTC Global has had to expand as we continue to power forward. We have production facilities in the US, China, Indonesia, and now Paraguay. We have a dedicated team at each location to ensure the quality and success of our products and company goals. With such a brilliant team, we continue to innovate and lead the advanced conductor market.

To view some of the project completed with ACCC Conductor over the years, check out our project map.


Check out these pictures from a few of our installations around the world!

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