TNMP Completes ACCC® Reconductoring Project in Texas

TNMP Completes ACCC® Reconductoring Project in Texas

With the support of Engineering firm HDR and installation contractor Southeast Power Corporation, the Texas-New Mexico Power Company (TNMP) completed their 138 kV Wink to Fishhook ACCC® Reconductor project in Texas. TNMP selected Falcon size ACCC® Conductor with Prysmian’s E3X coating to replace ACSR conductor allowing the line to deliver up to 3,000 amps without excessive sag.

Existing steel monopole tangents were retained without modification and crews used conventional pulling equipment and a 72” tensioner to pull in the new conductor. Spans between structures were approximately 920 feet.

ACCC Master Installers James Atwood and Bill Percy were on site to provide training and help document correct installation techniques using CTC Global’s ACCC InfoCore® System which uses optical fibers embedded in the ACCC® Core along with a signal transmitter and receiver and a cloud-based data capturing system. TNMP remains busy completing other line segments using the same technology.

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