ACCC® Conductor is the Proven Solution for the Electric Power Grid

CTC Global developed the ACCC® Conductor to provide a solution to the electrical power grid. Almost two decades later, it’s no wonder why ACCC® Conductor has been chosen for over 1,000 projects by over 250 utilities in 60 countries. In fact, there’s enough ACCC® Conductor installed that it could wrap around the world almost 3 times!

CTC Global’s principal business is the manufacture and sale of the patented ACCC® Conductor. The composite core is produced at multiple CTC Global facilities around the world. The core is then shipped to more than 35 stranding partners worldwide to create the finished product.

In addition to core production, the company also provides ancillary components such as dead-ends and splices, and provides engineering, installation, and warranty support for all of its products. All components produced by CTC and its stranding partners are certified to ISO 9001-2015 Standards.

The ACCC® Conductor offers industry-leading capacity and efficiency through any range of operating conditions compared to any other conductor type of the same diameter and weight. The ACCC Conductor’s high strength and low thermal sag provides planners and engineers an efficient means of increasing capacity, and improving efficiency and reliability, without compromising structural integrity or safe ground clearances.

Increased capacity and a 25% to 40% reduction in line losses under any load condition, also improves financial returns year after year over the life of the asset. In addition to potential fuel savings and associated emission reductions, the energy saved by the ACCC® Conductor’s efficiency can also reduce generation requirements. In other words, reduced line losses can reduce the generation investment required to support line losses. This can help improve the economic viability of any new generation investment. ACCC Conductor is the right technology at the right time and provides utilities with an effective and economical solution for increasing the efficiency, capacity and reliability of the world’s transmission and distribution grid.

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Or compare for yourself with our CCP software, which compares ACCC® Conductor with other conductors on the market: CCP Software.

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