EDEMSA Completes ACCC® Reconductor Project in Argentina

With the support of Engineering firm Knight Piésold Consulting, and contractor Pamar Construcciones, Empresa Distribuidora de Electricidad de Mendoza S.A. (EDEMSA) completed an ACCC® Reconductor project in Mendoza City, Argentina. EDEMSA selected Linnet size ACCC® Conductor to increase the capacity of this key 14 kilometer, 132 kV transmission line.

Due to the criticality of this line, all reconductoring was performed during the weekends or at night during the week. In some cases, the lines were sagged in and energized while they remained in the sheave wheels before being clipped off.

ACCC® Conductor for the project was manufactured by IMSA and ACCC® Hardware and accessories were provided by Dervaux. CTC Global’s Regional Director of Business Development, Carlos Fornazzari stated: “This was Edemsa’s first ACCC® Conductor installation and the 12th ACCC® Project in Argentina representing around 350 kilometers of installed product. ACCC® has become very popular with several utilities in Argentia and throughout South America because it provides a very economical and fast way to improve line capacity and reduce energy wasted to excessive line losses. We expect to see deployment of ACCC® Conductor continue to increase in the days ahead.”

CTC Global’s ACCC Master Installer, Ismael Dones, was on site to provide training and support.

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