PacifiCorp Installs ACCC® Conductor on New 230 kV Transmission Line

With the support of installation contractor Cache Valley Electric, PacifiCorp completed the installation of 26 kilometers of ACCC® Conductor on their new Klamath Falls to Snow Goose transmission Line in Oregon. PacifiCorp selected London size ACCC® Conductor due to its high capacity and low-sag characteristics and enable the use of a wide variety of relatively short transmission structures. The average span between structures was 380 feet with a 1,200 foot river crossing. The line also traversed a highway and railroad track. The terrain was very diverse and included steep terrain, sandy and swampy regions, a few of which are also exposed to high winds.

ACCC® Conductor for the project was supplied by CTC Global’s authorized manufacturing partner Taihan. ACCC® Hardware (using CTC Global’s patented collet system) was provided by AFL. Wagner Smith pullers, tensioners and reel stands were used. CTC Global’s Master Installer James Atwood was on site to provide training and support. Klamath Falls, Oregon is located just north of the California border approximately 250 miles northwest of Reno, Nevada. It is in a high desert region with very warm and humid summer conditions followed by very cold and snowy winter conditions. For more information, please visit

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