SENELEC Completes ACCC® Reconductor Project in Dakar, Senegal

SENELEC Completes ACCC® Reconductor Project in Dakar, Senegal

With engineering and installation support from Vinci Energies Senegal, SENELEC completed a 26.9 km ACCC® Reconductor project in Dakar, Senegal. 367.4 mm2 Amsterdam size ACCC® Conductor with InfoCore® was selected to replace the 366 mm2 ACSR conductor initially installed on lattice structures in 2019. ACCC® Conductor was selected to double the capacity of the existing 90 kV Thiona – Someta transmission line to support recent growth in an industrial area, which included expansion of the CIMAF cement plant. The line traversed desert and bushland, including some residential communities. Span lengths ranged from 250 to 360 meters.

ACCC® Conductor for the project was provided by CTC Global’s authorized manufacturing partner Midal Cables and ACCC® Hardware was provided by Dervaux. Mr. Wynand De Lange, CTC Global’s regional service manager, was supported by ACCC® Master Installer William Allen and other Certified Master Installers who provided installation training and ACCC InfoCore® System support while also training local SAHEL supervisors for upcoming projects. The ACCC InfoCore® System utilizes optical fibers embedded in the ACCC® Core and other devices to inspect and document core integrity before, during, and after installation. Dakar, Senegal, represents the 66th country where the ACCC® Conductor has been selected to improve the efficiency, capacity, reliability, and resilience of the world’s electric power grid.

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