ENEL Colombia Completes ACCC® Conductor Upgrades

Driven by growth in and around Bogota, Columbia, ENEL continues to meet its goal to ensure a solid energy future for its residential, commercial, and industrial customers. Earlier this month, ENEL completed maintenance work on their Sabana de Cundinamarca 115 kV transmission lines which increased line capacity from 800 to 1,200 amps.

ENEL selected 623 kcmil (315.5 mm2) Lisbon size ACCC® Conductor manufactured by CTC Global’s authorized and highly experienced manufacturing partner IMSA. IMSA delivered 70 kilometers of ACCC® Conductor to support the upgradation of four different circuits including a bus-bar at IMSA’s Tenjo substation.

Colombian contractor EQUANS was selected by ENEL to complete the upgrades and CTC Global’s Master Installers Ferney Carvajal and Ismael Dones were on hand to offer support.

ACCC® Hardware for the project was supplied by Arruti of Spain. The crews used Zeck equipment to complete the reconductor project using existing structures that traversed over flat to mountainous terrain. CTC Global looks forward to supporting ENEL again on future ENEL projects.

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