“No Transition Without Transmission”

As countries around the world strive to achieve their sustainability goals and reduce CO2 and other GHG emissions, electrification will play a major role. To deliver more clean energy to meet these objectives, building new transmission lines is key. Because there are still many challenges finding and permitting new transmission pathways, many utilities are upgrading their existing transmission and sub-transmission lines with CTC Global’s high-capacity, low-sag, energy-efficient ACCC® Conductor.

The ACCC® Conductor has proven itself at more than 1,100 projects in 65 countries to be the quickest and most economical means of doubling line capacity without the need to rebuild or replace existing structures. The ACCC® Conductor’s improved efficiency – and reduced line losses – not only frees-up generation assets that are otherwise wasted, reduced line losses also reduces fuel consumption and associated emissions. These advantages, alone, generally pay for the upgrade costs in a matter of months.

Because human, financial, and equipment resources are generally limited, the use of ACCC® Conductor can help utilities jump forward very quickly.

An impressive example of this can be learned by viewing a recent article (LINK) that described how the Bihar State Power Transmission Company Ltd. (BSPTCL) completed an incredible 22 ACCC® Conductor installations in a record 7.5 months, ~20 days ahead of a tight schedule. Kudos to CTC Global’s authorized manufacturing partner Apar Industries for not only manufacturing more than 2,450 kilometers of ACCC® Conductor for these projects, but also serving as BSPTCL’s EPC firm. A very impressive effort by all parties involved including CTC Global and hardware manufacturing partner TAG who provided more than 12,000 ACCC® Dead-ends and Splices using CTC Global produced stainless steel collet assemblies.

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